The Illustrated Story of Copyright

What's The Book About?
Edison demonstrating the early phonograph

        In this book, I trace the story of copyright from its adoption in this country over 210 years ago through the headline issues posed by the Internet and the digitizing of creative works. Using sidebars and photographs to illustrate the major turning points, I try to explain copyright straightforwardly enough so that teenagers can understand it, and in enough detail to help inform even those who are already familiar with the basics. The Grand Canyon

        In Part One, "Copyright and Technology," sidebars and photographs and illustrations place the law into historical context and bring to life the relevant copyright technologiesórecords and radio, movies and television, printing and photocopying, computers and the Internet.

        In Part Two, "Copyright Basics," I explain the general principles of copyright. The photographs and sidebars allow readers to jump right into the cases. Is a photograph of the Grand Canyon copyrightable? Does the second fabric design infringe the copyright in the first?

Peter Pan fabric     Martin Weiner fabric

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