The Illustrated Story of Copyright

Special message for lawyers

        If you are already a copyright or entertainment lawyer, then recommend the book to your relatives, friends, and clients. In a part of Ralph Oman's endorsement that I cut from the general reviews section, he says:

The Illustrated Story of Copyright is more than a fun read for those of us who work in copyright. It is also a terrific introduction for spouses, children, friends and relatives of copyright lawyers. Finally, they will have the answer to the perennial question: "What do you do all day in the office, anyway?" Now they will be able to ask the right follow-up questions at the dinner table and understand the real story behind the Napster headlines. The book gives them an entertaining peek behind the curtain at what Barbara Ringer called the demonology of copyright.

The book will be at the top of my holiday gift list for all of the long-suffering people who sensed my enthusiasm for copyright but never had more than a vague notion of what I was talking about. It is a book they will read and enjoy.

        If you're a lawyer outside the field of copyright, or on the periphery of copyright, and want to learn more, then this is the perfect book for you. As stated by Prof. Jane Ginsburg,

In putting technology first, Professor Samuels has found an engaging way to introduce the subject to non lawyers (as well as to law students and lawyers not previously inclined toward copyright).

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