The Illustrated Story of Copyright

Special message for arts, media, and business teachers

        If you teach courses in an arts program at the high school, college, or graduate level, then this book might be suitable as a textbook to teach copyright. As noted by Prof. Jane Ginsburg of Columbia Law School, "The book has the 'look' of college and secondary school textbooks, replete with sidebars and evocative drawings and photographs." Or, as stated by Patrick Brunet in his review for the Library Journal, "Samuels is such a good writer that readers from high school level and up will understand the topic; simple and complex concepts are presented with equal clarity." Or, as stated by Ralph Oman, a lawyer at Dechert in Washington, D. C., and former Register of Copyrights, the book is "a breezy history of copyright . . . with its informal humor, its social history, its non-legal style, and its snappy illustrations," which "will help even the teenager-in-the-street understand that artists and writers need copyright to pay the rent and feed their children."

       If you are considering adopting the book in a high school, college, or graduate level course, or would like to discuss the possibility, then please email me at the address on the home page of this website. I hope to develop a teacher's guide with supplementary explanations, review questions, and other suggestions about how the book might be used as a textbook; but I would also appreciate any suggestions from teachers who would be interested in helping to tailor such materials for their particular needs.

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