The Illustrated Story of Copyright

Some articles (and presentations) I've written

Publishers Score Hat Trick Against Apple
           A short report on Apple's attempt to subpoena email in a trade secret case, published in the European newsletter iris,
           Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory

Orphan Works: The Copyright Office Report
           Intellectual Property Counselor, p. 2

Compulsory Licenses in Peer-to-Peer File Sharing: A Workable Solution?
           with Michael Botein (Southern Illinois U. Law Journal)

MGM v. Grokster, First Reflections on the Supreme Court case,

US—Supreme Court to Review Ninth Circuit Peer-to-Peer Decision
A very short report on the granting of certiorari by the United States Supreme Court, published in the European newsletter iris, Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory, February 2005..

US—P2P Networks not Liable for Copyright Infringement
A very short "just the facts" report on the Grokster case in the Ninth Circuit, published in the European newsletter iris, Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory, August 2004.

The Idea-Expression Dichotomy in Copyright Law
This is a new posting of an old article from the 1989 Tennessee Law Review. For the first time now online.
It's real long, so I've divided it into two parts. Though it's 14 years old, it's about copyright basics, and is still pretty relevant.

The Public Domain Revisited. (available at the Loyola site in a pdf file, or here in html form). This is an article on the Eldred case that's part of a symposium issue of the Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review.   It expands upon my amicus brief filed in the case.

Copyright Under Attack! Audio webcast of a presentation I made at Suffolk University Law School, sponsored by the Journal of High Technology Law/Music, Media & Technology Law Association, April 8, 2002. (Covering some of the same territory as the next item)
(Or go to the Jurist site where the webcast is listed, and click on "Copyright Under Attack" under "Intellectual Property and Copyright.")

Creativity Wants To Be Paid: Technological and Constitutional Challenges to Copyright Protection both Current and Past
Comments prepared for a luncheon presentation for the New York chapter of the Copyright Society of the USA

In Step With the World, National Law Journal An Op-Ed Piece on the case of Eldred v. Ashcroft, in which the Supreme Court has agreed to review the constitutionality of the 1998 Copyright Term Extension Act

Economic Justice: Copyright Owners, Performers, and Users

Comments prepared for a forum on "Economic Justice"
Faculty Presentation Day, New York Law School, April 3, 2002 

Can Our Current Conception of Copyright Law Survive the Internet Age?
Comments at a symposium honoring Judge Newman, January 20, 2002, published in New York Law School Law Review

A Modest Proposal: The Story of, as retold by Edward Samuels

Rights on the Net: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
17 NO. 1 Cable TV & New Media L. & Fin. 1, March, 1999

Net Copyright: Limiting Liability of Online Service Providers
17 NO. 2 Cable TV & New Media L. & Fin. 1, April, 1999

Campbell v. Acuff-Rose: Bringing Fair Use Into Focus?
Media Law and Policy, Spring 1994, p. 4

Copyright Concerns on the Information Superhighway
1994 Annual Survey of American Law 383

The Public Domain In Copyright Law
41 Journal of the Copyright Society 137 (1993)

The following are not available online:

Coauthor, with D. Rice and M. Botein, Development and Regulation of New Communications Technologies (1980) [The portion on copyright reprinted in 25 N.Y.L.S. L. Rev. 905 (1980)]

Goldstein v. California: Breaking Up Federal Copyright Preemption, 24 ASCAP Copyright Law Symposium 51 (1974)

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