The Illustrated Story of Copyright


Important Copyright Links

The Copyright Office.
Includes the copyright statute, application forms, general information, announcements, and lots of other goodies.

The copyright statute
Copyright office regulations
Copyright forms (for registration)
Copyright basics (Copyright office circular number 1)
Frequently asked questions
New/pending legislation

The Copyright Society of the USA
Includes lots of cross links to copyright related sites (under

FA(C)E:Friends of Active Copyright Education
      (Reliable copyright basics)
"The copyright website" (
Includes basics and lots of fun examples (even
sound samples to compare original and infringing works), by an attorney, Benedict O'Mahoney
An up-to-date resource of materials on the Internet, technology, computers, copyright, and related law

"Why Can't I Make Copies From Copies of My CDs?"
      (Excerpt from The Illustrated Story of Copyright)
Gigalaw "Bookshelf": Recommendations
David Moser, author of the excellent Music Copyright For The New Millennium, maintains a balanced, informative, regularly updated website on copyright and other legal aspects of the music industry.

New York Law School
Communications Media Center

A wealth of information on mass communications law.

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