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       About the book


                     *The Journal of High Technology Law, Suffolk Law School, by Stephen R. Wilson
                     The Atlantic Monthly, by Peter Davidson
                     New York Law Journal, by Raymond Dowd
                     Georgetown Law Library - recommendation
                            (As listed in Reviews)
                            *(As listed at the Georgetown site)
                     Deon Dempsey, Libraries and Culture
                     Inscriptions Magazine, by Audrey Snowden
                     The Library Journal, by Patrick Brunet
                     Michael Rustad, Bimonthly Review of Law Books
                     Dan Clapper,Western Carolina University College of Business
                     Booklist, by Vernon Ford
                     *, by Doug Isenberg (with author interview)
                     eCompany Now, by Heather Kenny
                            (As listed in Reviews)
                     Jane Ginsburg, Columbia University School of Law
                     Ralph Oman, former Register of Copyrights
                     Paul Goldstein, author of Copyright's Highway
                            (As listed in Reviews)

                     What's the book about?
                     Who's the book for?
                            Law professors
                            Arts and media professionals
                            Arts, media, and business teachers
                            Everybody else
                     Table of Contents (of the book)
                     Sample chapter--Introduction
                     Sample layout

                     Interview in Bimonthly Review of Law Books (May-June 2001)
                     Media Law Reporter--Video Interview
                            Excerpt from the interview
                            Contact Edward Samuels at
                     *Interview about the book on

              Further views
                            Letter from Doug Phillips (about Bill Gates)
                     Images (Peter Pan fabrics)
                     Anecdotes about the anecdotes
                            p. 59 "The Railroad Scene": Daly v. Palmer
                            p. 198. How Dan O'Neill "won" the Air Pirates case

       Beyond the book

                Articles I've Written
                     Apple's Email Subpoenas
                     Orphan Works: The Copyright Office Report
                     Compulsory Licenses in Peer-to-Peer?
                     First Reflections on the Grokster Case
                     US—Supreme Cout to Review Ninth Circuit Peer-to-Peer Decision
                     US—P2P Networks Not Liable for Copyright Infringment
                     The Idea-Expression Dichotomy in Copyright Law
                     *The Public Domain Revisited (pdf file)
                           (in *Loyola of Los Angeles Symposium issue on Eldred)
                           html version
                     *Copyright Under Attack! Audio webcast
                     Creativity Wants To Be Paid: Technological and Constitutional Challenges to Copyright
                      *Edward Samuels Op-Ed Piece, National Law Journal
                     Economic Justice: Copyright Owners, Performers, and Users
                     Can Our Current Conception of Copyright Law Survive the Internet Age?
                     A Modest Proposal: The Story of
                           *Freeferme mirror of the entire freeferme website
                     Rights on the Net: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
                     Net Copyright: Limiting Liability of Online Service Providers
                     Campbell v. Acuff-Rose: Bringing Fair Use Into Focus?
                     Copyright Concerns on the Information Superhighway
                     The Public Domain In Copyright Law

                Recent and pending cases, with comments

                      O'Grady v. Superior Court (Apple Computer, Inc.)
                           Apple's Email Subpoenas

                      The Grokster Case
                           Reflections on Grokster in the Supreme Court, by Edward Samuels
The Supreme Court opinion, by Justice Souter
                                   Concurring opinion, by Justice Breyer
                                   Concurring opinion, by Justice Ginsburg
                           The Ninth Circuit Court opinion (Aug. 19, 2004)
                           MGM v. Grokster (April 25, 2003)
                           Edward Samuels note on the 9th Circuit case, iris 2004-8 
Edward Samuels note on the granting of cert. by the Supreme Court, iris 2005-2 

                      The Eldred Case (Constitutionality of Term Extension)
Supreme Court opinions
                                   Eldred syllabus        
                                   Eldred majority      
                                   Eldred--Stevens dissent    
                                   Eldred--Breyer dissent
                            Briefs filed in the Supreme Court
                                   Edward Samuels Amicus Brief HTML format
                                   Edward Samuels Amicus Brief PDF format
                                   *Other Supreme Court Briefs in the case
                            D.C. Cir. Ct. majority (Feb. 16, 2001)
                            D.C. Cir. Ct dissent (Feb. 16, 2001)
                            D.C. Cir. Ct. denial of rehearing (July 13, 2001)
                            D.C. Cir. Ct. denial of rehearing dissent (July 13, 2001)
                            Supreme Court cert. granted (Feb. 19, 2002)
                           *Edward Samuels Op-Ed Piece, National Law Journal

                     The Napster Case
                            The Ninth Circuit opinion (February 12, 2001)
                     The Rio Case (Diamond Multimedia Rio player)
                            Ninth Circuit opinion, June 15, 1999)
                            A short note on the Rio and Napster cases  

                     The Reimerdes/Corley Case (Decryption of DVD code)
                            Second Circuit Court of Appeals (Nov. 28, 2001)
                            District Court opinion (New York, Sept. 7, 2000)
                            A short note on the district court opinion and the argument in the appellate court

                     The Wind Done Gone case (Suntrust v. Houghton Mifflin)
                            The Eleventh Circuit opinion - final (October 10, 2001)
                            The Eleventh Circuit concurrence
                            The Eleventh Circuit preliminary opinion (May 25, 2001)
                            Georgia Districrt Court opinion (April 20, 2001)
                            A short note on the Gone With The Wind case

                     The Tasini Case (Freelancer writers' rights in digital dissemination)
                            The Supreme Court opinion (Justice Ginsburg, June 25, 2001)
                            The dissenting opinion (Justice Stevens, June 25, 2001
                            The Second Circuit opinion (Feb. 25, 2000)
                            A short note on the Tasini case                     

              Important copyright links
                     *The Copyright Office.
                            *The copyright statute
                            *Copyright office regulations
                            *Copyright forms (for registration)
                            *Copyright basics (Copyright office circular number 1)
                            *Frequently asked questions
                            *New/pending legislation
                     *The Copyright Society of the USA
                            *FA(C)E:Friends of Active Copyright Education
                     *"The copyright website" (
                            *Sound samples
                            *"Why Can't I Make Copies From Copies of My CDs?"
                            *Gigalaw "Bookshelf": Recommendations
                     *New York Law School Communications Media Center

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