Archived Emails

Email from "Just a Merchant"

    In the article by Samuels, it is suggested that that those committing credit card fraud shouldn't worry, because the people whose numbers they are using are not the ones to actually pay, but the banks or credit card companies will pay. This is absolutely wrong. It's the merchant who gets stuck for the cost of illegal charges. The credit card companies charge back all fraudulent charges to the merchants. And what do the merchants do? They have to stay in business. So they pass on the cost as an overhead cost of doing business. That means everyone pays for credit card fraud. This is just like the cost of shoplifting. Lax enforcement only means that those who abide by the law pick up the tab for those who don't abide by the law.

    So just don't do it. Everyone suffers, and good, trusting merchants are put out of business.

Email from "Where's the Service?"

    I've tried several of your mirror sites, but the services described don't work! I think it's you who's doing the fraud here! This is all a sham!

    [Answer by freeferme: Many of the mirror sites are not fully functional, or link to pages that have been blocked by nervous service providers. Send us emails indicating your problems, and we'll try to get the mirror sites updated. But just as the beauty of the mirror sites is that they're hard for the credit police to track down, they're hard for us to keep track of too!]

Email directly from

    Here's a good one! In their suit against, the government claims that we are a fraudulent site because (1) what we offer is illegal, and (2) we don't actually deliver what we promise - i.e., we are accused of misrepresenting the service we provide. Well, which is it? Either we do what we say (and are then subject to criminal prosecution) or we don't do what we say (and are then subject to prosecution). Is there some irony here?