The Most Frequently Asked Question:

How Do We Do It?

    We're constantly asked how we get the credit card numbers we make available on this site.

Level "A" Service

    The program we wrote for generating the "acceptable credit card numbers" is taken from an algorithm that has been available on the Internet for years now. However, ours is better than all the others. While the standard generator only produces numbers that satisfy a simple "checksum" validation, ours is designed to fool even the most recent technologies for validating credit card numbers. (See Site Credits for the notice that we have a patent pending for our program, and will actively enforce our copyrights and patent in the program.)

Level "B" and "C" Service

    For obvious reasons, we will not disclose how we obtain the credit card numbers of actual people that we make available under Level "B" and "C" services. Some are obtained surreptiously, and most of these are made available through our Level "B" service if we determine that the credit history of the customer is such that any large amount of activity will likely be detected relatively quickly. Some are obtained from existing credit card customers who are willing to disclose their numbers, usually for a modest fee. These, together with the "high use" numbers we obtain surreptitiously, are generally reserved for our Level "C" service. Occasionally, we will identify a particular account as a "high use" account, and even indicate the average monthly billings and the date of the last bill, so that bidders at Level "C" auctions can know that they are bidding on a particularly desirable account.

    If you would be willing to disclose a credit card account number of an existing account, for a modest fee, please contact us. (You probably have lots of duplicate accounts that you never use, and that mainly only account for a lot of nuisance mailings anyway!) You will of course claim that you are not responsible for the added activity to your account, and will presumably file a claim of fraudulent use. Obviously, you should only do this very infrequently, or else the credit card companies will get suspicious. So only contact us when you're really ready to deal.