Level "A" Service

    Level "A" service will deliver to your computer a short program that will generate credit card numbers that will be recognized as valid by merchants 60-70% of the time. You can select whichever company's numbers you want--Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or just about any other popular service.

    This program gives you the credit card number, as well as an accepted expiration date and billing area zip code. Most generated numbers will not only pass the "checksum" validation performed by most merchants, but will pass the most advanced validation programs currently available.

    Of course, 30-40% of the time the transaction will not be accepted by the merchant. We are absolutely not responsible for anything that may happen to you if you are caught using an invalid card. We recommend that you initially not use your actual address or email, but use an anonymous email service such as Yahoo or Hotmail. If you have to have items sent to you, we recommend that you use a post office box rather than your actual address. Our best advice, if you are challenged or questioned, is to deny any knowledge of a suspect transaction. How will they ever be able to prove it wasn't someone else hacking your account anyway? There are other sites on the Internet that give you tips on how to minimize the risk of using this program. (See Links.)

    {No more plastic cards: We have discontinued our service of supplying plastic cards for dealing with "terrestrial merchants." In the criminal case against us, it was argued that such pieces of plastic were "access devices," even though they were absolutely blank as we sold them. Nevertheless, as a gesture of good faith, we have voluntarily discontinued the service. We no longer deal in "devices," only information.}

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