Level "C" Service

    Using this service, you will be able to bid at an auction for access to a credit card number that belongs to an actual person. If you play your cards right, you can charge lots of small purchases without flagging the attention of the credit card company, or maybe even being noticed by the person whose account you are using. If you plan to make large "blowout" purchases, we suggest that you discontinue use of the number after five days.

    As you can appreciate, this is the service that we hope will generate sufficient revenue to finance the entire site, and allow us to bring you the Level "A" and "B" services free of charge. You must understand that making a bid constitutes a legal offer, which becomes a binding contract if it is accepted as the highest bid price.

    Before participating in the bidding process, you must give us a valid credit card number. (Be honest; we know the numbers you can get from Level "A" and "B" service, and will not accept such numbers as payment for Level "C" service.) Your credit card will be charged if and only if you are the high bidder in the auction; your credit card will not be charged if you are not the high bidder, or if the auction is cancelled for any reason prior to the closing date and time for that auction.

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