freeferme Services

    Our service consists of free access to credit card numbers that you can use to obtain virtually unlimited goods and services. We currently offer two different levels of service absolutely free of charge. Our third level of service is auctioned off to the highest bidders.

     Level "A" Service - Basic! (Click for explanation)

    This is the "basic" service, absolutely free. With the service, you download a short program that will generate credit card numbers (and "expiration dates" and zip codes) that will be acceptable at least 60-70% of the time.

     Level "B" Service - Advanced! (Click for explanation)

    This service, still free, allows you to download a credit card number that actually belongs to someone else (together with "expirations dates" and zip codes). If that person or their credit card company hasn't yet closed the account, then you will be able to charge items to that account.

     Level "C" Service - Super Premium (Click for explanation)

    This service grants the purchaser a credit card number that is not disclosed to anyone else. We will be auctioning off these numbers periodically.