Welcome to freeferme.com. This website was launched April 1, 2001, by four students at New York Law School, and within two months has become one of the most visited websites on the Internet!

     Ever since our launch, the Web police have done everything in their power to shut us down. But thanks to lots of friends and happy customers, mirror sites have popped up all over the Internet, including some overseas that are beyond the jurisdiction of the Web police. Bookmark this page, and check out the location of other mirror sites so that you'll always be able to find us.

    Thanks to all our loyal customers, and to those brave service providers willing to still carry our site. And a special thanks to Prof. Edward Samuels at NYLS. Although he has disagreed with us along the way, he has been kind enough to support our efforts, and to memorialize them in his article about the site. He says it's because we say something about copyright, his specialty (though we really don't say anything about that, except in a very limited way on our site credits page). Anyway, take a look at his book, The Illustrated Story of Copyright, and the web site that gives you all the info about it at www.edwardsamuel.com.

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