The Illustrated Story of Copyright
2000 by Edward Samuels

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Copyright permissions, limitations, and formats

        As promised, here is the online version of The Illustrated Story of Copyright. It is a reproduction of the book, which is now out of print. The only changes are the omission of some of the images that I don't have permission to reproduce online. The book is not  in the public domain. It is copyrighted by me, and I reserve all rights except those specifically granted below.

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Permissions and Limitations

        I hereby grant the public a license to access this book online, and to download a copy (digitally or printed out) for personal use. Please don't reproduce these pages on your own Web site, or make or distribute multiple copies, or charge for any copies. Please do link to my home page, or to individual pages or chapters of text; but please don't link to individual images (jpeg's).


        The book is online in two different versions. The "full" version uses full-sized images, but is recommended only for high-speed connections. The "thumbnail" edition contains small images for quick download. You can then click on any of the thumbnails to open the full-size image in a new window. I'm currently working on a hyperlinked index. Check back later for these updates.

        The layout of the book has been altered somewhat to adapt it to online presentation. In brackets, I've added the pages on which all the material appears in the book, so that you may rely upon a consistent citation. I describe the images I don't have the right to reproduce online, and in some cases indicate where you might be able to find similar images elsewhere.

        Enjoy the book, and let me know if you have any problems or discover any errors.


        This book is designed to provide you with accurate and authoritative information about the history of copyright. However, I am not engaged in the practice of law, and this publication is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you require legal or other expert advice, you should seek the services of a competent attorney or other professional.

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